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yes I do have that checked.... but I always have it checked

EDIT.... so hell, it seems to be working OK now... I must be crazy

EDIT: other thing... when I first clk on Master track I get this window:
Error. dpMeter plugin not found in Monitor FX Chain.
In order to display the meters on the master track, you need to manually insert the plugins in your monitor FX Chain once.
There is a FX Chain included in the FX Chains folder. Search for the file: Track Inspector Monitor FX dpmeter4.RfxChain. This chain includes the Track Inspector plugin for RMS, waveform and peaks, and the dpmeter plugin for EBUR128 meter. Load this chain in your monitor FX chain, and route the input channels you need to them. Normally your main stereo 1/2 channels. But this could depend on how you setup your projects outputs.

IMPORTANT: Do not rename the plugins in the included FX Chain. Put them before any possible control room equalization or any other effect you could have in the monitor FX chain that could affect the output. This way the meter will be unaffected by the monitor FX chain.
but my monitor fx is this:
JS_EBUR128 Loudness Measurement
VST3: dpMeter4 (TBProAudio)(6ch)

Now when I first select the Master track, that dialog pops up
but if I just close it then it never shows again in that project and it seems to me the TI works with the Master as it should...

Is it just me?
...should be fixed for the next build...

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