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Originally Posted by heda View Post

for the custom menu to work, it must be customized, add an action to it from the REAPER customize menus window, save it, so REAPER includes it in the reaper-menu.ini file which is what TI reads.
you can manually edit the reaper-menu.ini file to add a new custom menu manually. Then configure TI to use that new menu instead.

all actions on track delay panel should work on all selected tracks. Bypassing, switching to ms/samples, setting delay, setting delay from Time selection...

* v1.4rc38 (2019-10-05)
+ FX panel: Right click +FX button for displaying custom REAPER menu. Thanks Arthur McArthur and bFooz
+ Settings page: define custom menu name for +FX button right click.
+ DELAY panel: track playback time offset bypass button, also bypass for multiple tracks selected.
+ DELAY panel: track playback time offset in samples support (right click the bypass button to switch between ms and samples)
+ DELAY panel: right click on bar to get the value from the "time selection".
# fix crash mouse wheel when no track is selected. [p=2187369] Thanks Thonex
thx Heda,
very appreciated your hard work !
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