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Originally Posted by WolfJames View Post
Desktop or laptop? First off, rule out any mouse problem. Change the USB slot it's plugged into. Wireless? Check the battery. Any other device interfering with the USB receiver? Try another mouse if you have one.

Try changing the mouse settings, like how many lines to scroll at a time. Is it a gaming mouse? Latest driver?

Do you happen to have a touch screen display?

Does the computer have Bluetooth? Turn it off and test.

Also, try a different keyboard, if you have one.
Thanks for helping.

The mouse huh? I've had this expensive wireless gaming mouse for some time. Never caused problems before, as far as I've noticed.

I'm on a desktop system, no touch screen, no bluetooth. I got the latest mouse driver and its own USB receiver located 5-7 inches right in front of it and the battery is at 80% good (according to own software). I changed how many lines it scrolls from 3 to 2, switched the USB port and rebooted the system.

Then tried Reaper again and it switched tracks just like before within 3 seconds. Damn. :/

I really don't want do use a different mouse, because I am literally mad picky about mice and this is by far the best I've ever used all categories.

By keyboard, do you mean piano type keyboard, or the regular keyboard with letters on it? If you meant the first, then I have none available - not today anyway.
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