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Originally Posted by JayJSE2 View Post
I thought the drums actually sounded really good, but everything else was too dark.

Assuming that Joe was correct about the bright speakers, it might be an interesting idea to mix the drums on those then switch to different speakers/headphones for the rest of the mix.
Originally Posted by Judders View Post
Yeah, I agree with what he said.

Weirdly, it sounded even darker on the video... could well be my brain playing tricks on me though!

It has a "wrapped in cotton wool" kinda feel. I actually think everything competing in the low mids is a bigger issue, adding a touch of top end on the guitar and vocal isn't a big thing.

It's really close to sounding very good, but it's kind of like listening to a great mix playing in the room next door.
I use a pair of Yamaha HS5s with a Behringer subwoofer, and my studio is in my bedroom...before I added the subwoofer I split my time 50/50 between the speakers and my Sennheiser Massrop H6xx headphones, but now tend to work almost exclusively through the speakers...despite the "darkness" I know my mixes are much better balanced in the low end than they were previously...

One of the previous monthly Gilder VIPer challenges was a "console mix" using only 3 plugins, 1 EQ, 1 compressor, and 1 the critique of that challenge i was called out for a "too bright" mix with too little lows and low mids (no "punch")...I think I may be over-compensating as a result...

I do have to say that I was extremely happy with this mix...I listened to it on a couple different systems and felt it was some of my best this critique is really very frustrating...

Thanks for taking the time grinder, JayJSE2, and Judders...
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