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This is quite a good mix. Overall it doesn't really sound dark to me. The cymbals might lack a little sizzle, but I don't know how the source recording sounded - perhaps the highs are missing there. You really nailed the low end, which is usually what I struggle with.

One thing that nobody else has mentioned is that many of listeners in the general public will be using iphone earbuds. They tend to make mixes sound dark and muddy, so the high end will tend to be further dulled when these folks listen to the recording. For this reason I think that it is always a good idea to do a final check to make sure that a mix translates well to iphone earbuds. There will be sweet spot where the mix will sound good through your studio monitors and through the iphone earbuds. And you will be pretty much guaranteed that the mix will not sound dull on anybody's studio monitors if it sounds good on the earbuds.

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