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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
... I was pretty disappointed when Justin says that, for new features and/or bug fixes, his thought process to evaluate if they will get implemented depended largely on whether he will personally find the feature useful ...
Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
When your product or service touches so many people who rely on it and usually want the best for it in terms of features, there should be more consideration of those needs. It's funny, because the whole time I've been using Reaper (almost 2 years now) I never got that impression, so I was surprised to hear that from him. And I am not sure how much of that he really meant in terms of the way features are evaluated, but i'm just saying it was disappointing to hear.
Yes - this is a misunderstanding of Reaper on your side. We had this already
in the thread about the "potential Reaper roadshow" - if I remember right.

Justin does not primarily develop Reaper in order to reach as many musicians
or customers as possible. Justin does not primarily develop Reaper in order
to impress anybody. No! Justin primarily develops Reaper for his personal

So Justin is more an artist than a business man. An artist who develops an
artistic DAW which is *his* artwork. His "child". An artist who celebrates
freedom and independence - in contrast to business, marketing and profit


Ooh, I am a little appalled by my own declamatory words, but this is how I notice
Justin, John and the genesis of Reaper.
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