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Default Specific channel grouping

When I have a drum plugin with several outs, Reaper automatically offers to create the tracks for me. That's awesome.

However, when it comes to grouping then, I always fail. I can get a group track and then have all tracks in this group, and it works fine. But that's counter-intuitive for me personally.

So, what I'm looking for is to have the track with the plugin and the midi data as the grouping track, with all audio tracks grouped under it. I've set this up automatically and manually, but each time I make the plugin track the (I think it is called "folder track", right?) group track, audio vanishes. Only if I have a seperate group track and place all audio tracks and the plugin track is it, that audio is present.

Any tips to make it works as I want?

More visual example:

+ My Awesome Drum Plugin (as audio sum of all below, but also playing the midi data)
----+ Kick track
----+ Snare track
----+ Hihats track (marked as group end)
+ Next non-dependend track
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