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Originally Posted by Masr View Post
Thanks for the great plugin. Is there any possibility to use multi-sample libraries in Reaplacer? This works great in Drumagog with "gog" files. I own Steven Slate Drums samples with multi-sample platform. This means that there are actually 5 different samples for each snare/tom/kick that are randomly selected by Drumagog. This feature makes the whole thing sound really very natural. Can I use this advantage also in Reaplacer?
Originally Posted by Masr View Post
I just realized what to do. I put the same kind of hits into one wav. It works really great. Amazing job Jonas! Now, rest in peace Drumagog, I do not need you anymore!!!
Hey Masr! Glad you like it and it's great to see you figured it out how to use multi samples (I actually thing DrumReaplacer is better than Drumagog in this aspect but that's another story . Just make sure there's at least 50 ms of digital silence between each hit (that's what DrumReaplacer is looking for to separate the samples).

Originally Posted by flipotto View Post
I can't find the DrumReaplacer.
I tried the link above but it never did anything.

Just follow Masrs instructions above and it'll work. When DrumReaplacer's finished I'll make a better instruction on how to install it - hope you like it!

- Jonas
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