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Default voting is open! pgl remix contest on indaba

hi guys!

i would like that the vote on indaba music for the peter gabriel "games without frontiers" remix is online.

voting ends july 15, 2010 at 5:00 pm edt.

i would like to share with you my cover "the remembering game" and ask you to vote (if you like it, of course...)

here is the link: "the remembering game"

of course, all was made on reaper 3 (as stated in two blog entries: the remembering game (pt. 1) and the remembering game (pt. 2))

voting is very simple and doesn't need registration. only a valid e-mail where you will receive a vote confirmation mail with a link you have to click. that's all!

thank you in advance for your vote and, if you want, you can ask me here more details on my cover or simply comment (either positive or negative, no matter)

cheers from rome!

andrea riderelli

p.s.: check other remixes too! there are many gems out there!!!
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