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That's the kind of detail required for a usable bug report.

Confirmed for 4.22pre1a x64 with using the bridged Quicktime decoder.

Quicktime version : 7.7.1 (Control Panel "Quicktime 32-bit", "About Quicktime" button)

The following happens for me:

When playing past the end you get a black video screen. Ok. It generally stays black.

The playhead returns to the starting position when I stop the transport, but no video frame from that position is displayed.

After a click , a frame does appear, but any second click in the material just gets you ... the same frame, so this method seems to be broken. You have to click outside the video item again and click inside to get a single frame. Playback gets you nothing. No updates.

Using the FFMPEG libraries, instead of OS decoding (Preferences/Video), everything works just fine. Check the video link in my signature to find the right version that currently works in Reaper just fine. That is tested and verified by multiple folks around here.

This means that Prores codec in Quicktime container-users are screwed of course, since FFMPEG cannot decode those. Those users were the ones who requested better Quicktime support in the 64-bit version of Reaper in the first place.

I hope this gets fixed quickly. And perhaps you can finally address "Resize video to original size" in the context menu of the video window. That hasn't worked for years fellas. Yes, years.
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