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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
@ karbomusic
What does Windows 8 provide, relevant to Reaper, that Windows 7 does not?
Multi-touch is all I can think of if Cockos is still developing along those lines. That's the physical touch feature support not the metro part. Otherwise, moving from 7 to 8 should be from the perspective of you may be installing 8 and wonder if Reaper will function properly IMHO.

I mean it has its improvements, seems snappier to coin the term even with an in place upgrade. It also has services that won't start until triggered but that is a bit irrelevant if you aren't hitting a performance ceiling already (I'm not). I do genuinely like it as an OS a lot, its a much more refined Windows 7 but I didn't upgrade because of Reaper, I took Reaper along for the ride. The metro fears on a desktop machine are severely overstated, pressing the windows key makes it disappear anyway leaving you with the classic desktop.

The windows key along with a few other tricks is the key really. If I wanted to open reaper using the new start menu I'd do this:

1. Press the windows key.
2. Type reaper
3. Press enter, reaper opens and the metro style desktop disappears again.

No need to be swiping the mouse in the corners. If you do by habit move your mouse to the bottom-left corner expecting a start button, a button for the metro style start menu appears for you.

I have two monitors so I have a taskbar and one classic desktop visible all the times so I just have a reaper shortcut there and bypass metro completely. I can still pin shortcuts to both the taskbar and the metro desktop. I can also move the metro desktop to either monitor (provided I want to see it at all). The swipe corners features works on both sides of both monitors. Etc. Hope this helps.
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