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Originally Posted by earlabs View Post
I experienced a horror weekend. Installed win8 on my laptop. After one day it didn't boot anymore. refresh PC no good. Reset PC wiped everything. Then reverted to initial install and now back to win7.
You too? I persevered and it in my case it turned out to be associated with my system reserved partition (the boot partition). It used to contain my OS as a recovery partition. I transferred that out to a set of DVDs and re-sized that partition. It all worked fine on Windows 7 but Windows 8 did not like it after the initial install. I got a 'boot device not accessible' error. I wound up fixing it by removing the system reserved partition, moving the OS partition to the beginning of the drive and repairing/refreshing the install. Be sure to have a full image backup before proceeding with any of this.

Now that it's installed I really like it. Most of the changes being complained about can be attributed to resistance to new things from my perspective (your perspective may vary ).
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