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Default Accessibility regression: mislabeling of two check boxes in the bounce window (FIXED)


In the bounce window of 5.97, the labeling of the 'Dither' and 'Noise shaping' check boxes has gone wonky.

Instead of hearing the text to the left of each check box, screen reader users are now being told about the text on the right (IE, we're hearing the source that the dither or noise shaping will be applied to, but we're no longer hearing the primary function of each check box).

I'm no programmer, but from taking a quick poke at the Windows build, it seems like IAccessible name, accName, displayText and windowText are all updating to reflect the selection that's been made in the 'Source' combo box with values like u'Master mix' or u'Stems'.

Ideally, the format for these labels would be something like u'Dither (Master mix)' or u'Noise shaping (Stems)', which would make screen reader software speak the primary function, leave a short pause, then speak which source it'll apply to. If this is too tricky to get going though, it's probably best for UX to role back to just speaking the primary functions of each check box, which would be u'Dither' and u'Noise Shaping'.

I haven't had access to a Mac here yet to test whether the regression also applies. Shout if you need that info - I've got a big net and can probably snare a Mac-based blinky.

Thanks in advance for the fix,

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