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Originally Posted by Plushieluver101 View Post
I've been redirected here by someone at Flipside forums after finding out FL Studio isn't compatible with my laptop specs, them saying that Reaper'd be more fit for my laptop, so I've joined to see if it's worth it to invest in Reaper for what I want to do.

I have an i317000 that performs at 2.40GHz and 8GBs of RAM. Is that enough to efficiently run Reaper?
[offtop] FL doesn't work on i3? *facepalm smile*. O tempora, o mores[/offtop]

Reaper needs practically nothing (I've runned it on Atom N450 @ 1.66GHz), so is your computer enough for efficiently running depends on plugins which you use. And there is a killer feature - "freeze" - which helps if your pc is not enough power.

Originally Posted by Plushieluver101 View Post
FL Studio has a far nicer interface, unless Reaper's is cutstomisable?
Yes, at the first glance Reaper may seems not very nice and non-userfriendly, but if you will puzzle out it you will find that it is really more powerful than FL (and many other DAWs imho)

And it is full-functional trial version so the best way is try it.
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