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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
For regularly repetitive signals you can compensate latency via software. That is how time/date synchronization via Internet works.

This rather obviously is introduced by the wireless technology. (WIFI will be still a lot worse on that behalf).
I keep seeing wireless blamed as if it can't be performant but it can... My point is there is a conflation that just because something is wireless, it must be latent and the problem, that is not always the case in 2018.

I have a MIDI to Pitch controller also over BT which I can play in real time into Reaper without issue. Then there is the realtime vid I posted which runs off of a $3 USD micro controller the size of a quarter... and I've got plenty of microprocessors et al that I can measure and show that just because it's WiFi, it isn't suddenly unusable latency wise. That isn't always the case but we don't want to dismiss immediately just because it travels through the air.

I'm sure I could build what he wants without needing to be native in Reaper but my time for it is just to low. Full-featured microprocessors are a huge rage right now, if the need exists the solution can be found. ESP32 comes to mind.

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