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Originally Posted by Anton9 View Post
Man.., this along with your MIDI note selector running at the same time is quite the power combo. I really like the exponential adjustment too. Awesome job!!!

A couple of ideas for the velocity tool:

1)Perhaps a parameter that could be either click-dragged or mousewhell scrolled that would set all the selected velocities to the same value.

2)A button that could transpose/flip the edited velocities from left-right or right-left.

3)Maybe a reset button that would set velocities back to their pre-edited values.
Thanks Anton ,

1) I've been thinking (how) to make a "smoothness control node" - it would move velocities towards the curve by 0-100 percent. Then another "node" which would adjust "smoothness/compress strength by note position".

2) That's possible to do, but I think it should flip the velocities "per channel" and "per pitch". Then it would work correctly, even when selected notes have different channels/pitches. Possible but not very easy .

3) Original velocities are deleted from memory when lmb is released, but undo should set velocities back to original.

Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Great work, Spk77!

I really hope this gets incorporated into the MIDI Editor at some point. That would make REAPER's velocity handling on a par with Cubase's.
Thanks, I'm sure they'll add the same behavior/logic to the MIDI editor at some point. Let's hope.
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