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Originally Posted by paulheu View Post
Mainstream support for WIN7 ended over a year ago. MSFT will patch the OS for security issues for another 4 years, but there is not going to be any functional enhancements or extensions.

I just do not get all the uproar. WIN10 is the better OS, it installs cleanly to any PC if so desired and (for now) is a free update.
The uproar from me is because Windows 7 is pretty much perfect for me. I don't want anything to be improved.

Windows 10 has 2 major bad things that I can see - forced automatic updates and it deletes programmes from your computer that you've chosen to install.

Those are pretty bad downsides.

If I had to pay the full price of Windows 7 again to get another 10 years of it exactly as it is but with security updates I'd take that over a free update to Windows 10 any day.
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