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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
The update routine actually recommends doing a full backup of your current installation. It also offers you the choice of doing an update or a clean install.
But of course we never actually notice these things in the heat of the moment.

Within my immediate family I had three laptops, one on win7 and 2 on win 8.1 all on Home Premium 64bit.
All three I did an update with no issues at all, apart from Mrs. decided she didnt have the time or the energy to learn a new OS and could I put her back on win7 please.
Daughter and I are quite happy with win10 on our laptops, even with the automatic updates.
Nothingf has broken so far and the actual updates seem to happen with little if any effect on performance apart from the "dont switch off your computer, we are installing some stuff" notices every now and then.

Studio machine I left on Win 8.1 for a fair old while, watching to see if there was any fallout in the early days, even though I had been running betas and release candidates on one of the laptops for some time.
That machine is on Win10 Pro and has all the popular switch-offs done.
I get almost no background activity at all & I get to decide when I get the updates and when I install them.
Mind you that one I did a full clean install and have never regretted it.

It has crossed my mind that in many cases, the issues people are getting on updates rather than clean reinstalls are very likely to have been caused by not doing the usual basic housekeeping (clearing out the crap, defragging drives, memory and registry) rather than any real shortcomings in Win10.

My experience is that every single computer I have updated to Win10 has run faster and smoother. I am now up to a dozen installs in 2 different languages and counting.

So to those of you experiencing problems, I would suggest doing a format and clean reinstall of everything.
Having never-ending disk activity is not normal. Says to me that windows is struggling to keep running because of problems it is trying to work around. Reinstall.

Agreed. Similar experience here. Windows 10 works extremely well with minimal tweaks. Same system runs smoother and snappier with windows 10 than windows 7. I'm very happy. I have both a large studio machine, and a portable device for live music, both running windows 10.
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