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Default EEL:Envelope-based Compressor

The script creates volume envelope based on volume level and compresses it.

Old version(v1) info:
This is the initial version, in the future, probably, will change.
If any errors etc let me know.
This is not a copy of another script from spk77), although in something like(thanks spk77), but the principle is different.
This is not a compressor, although much like. Settings work a bit differently than in the compressor, although they have similar names.
I did not come up with other names. Because, in principle, they largely correspond to the compressor.
Old version Demo

New version(v2) info:
The second version works like a compressor in peak mode.
Perhaps the rms-mode will be added if I have time.
In addition, LP and HP filters were added.
Added RT update mode (with each slider motion), you can watch all the changes live.
But do not use this mode on large ranges!
Buttons are replaced with checkboxes, it's much more convenient.
The interface is now more understandable for use.

How use:
Select the audio-item. Click "Activate Envelopes" and "Show Envelopes" if need.
"Show Envelope" - toggle show/hide take vol envelopes.
"Activate Envelope" - toggle activate/deactivate take vol envelopes.

Use the sliders to adjust take volume envelope.
Ctrl + drag - fine tune
Click on value - enter value from keyboard.
Dubble click - reset to default.

You can use the time selection to limit the area of application of the compressor.
Also, you can select more then one items. They will be processed separately.
The script works with mono, stereo, multichannel audio, any playrates etc.

Link v1(old version):
Envelope-based Compressor.eel

Link v2(new version, will be updated):
Envelope-based Compressor v2.eel

Note: Needed SWS - latest version.

How install - use Reapack, but the link to my repository must be added manually:

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