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tried something new with my latest edit.

i synced the two cameras with the audio.
Then I copied camera B video item and pasted as a take into camera A item.
Each one had color adjustment as item fx (potential issue) and overall it was very fast to split and switch takes as each person was speaking.
I could have also switched the audio track at the same time though I'm not positive that would have been better.

- fast to edit multicam

- can't explode to separate tracks and keep your selected angles
- huge amount of video processor instances with no way to mass update settings.
- long undo wait time as the edit got more complex.

Other than color correcting destructively in another program at the start, I can't think of a better way to do the color adjustments to follow the angles. If you do separate tracks you have to split both angles, mute cam B item without grouping.

You can see the video here
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