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Originally Posted by BobF View Post
No. I NEVER used Simple Instrument Tracks in SONAR because Inst Tracks get hidden in the console if you choose to hide MIDI tracks.
But in this case in Sonar you always have:
* MIDI track
* Synth output track
* Synth in the Synth Rack
I mean for you the number of "things" does not change after the conversion (just the position).

The other oddity is with a SONAR project that has its OUT routed to another bus, that is then routed to hardware OUTs

I do this so that the other bus can contain monitoring FX and serve as a project monitoring volume control.

The end result is that the final bus becomes a folder in Reaper that contains everything that is not in the Synth Rack folder.
Yes, I also have almost the whole projects inside the "Master bus". But that is how the signal is routed in the project, so I do not see that as "odd". While I could optimize "Master bus" into Reaper "Master", I (and I guess other) sometimes have the second bus "Headphones", with extra FXes and different hardware output. And in this case the optimization will not work.

All of this can be untangled, so for the purpose of getting a project from SONAR to Reaper, I think your tool is great as is.
Thanks again
There are still several big things which are not converted:
We (I and Cool) currently try to convert ProChannel EQ into ReaEQ (DAW project conversion by itself is a "new area", but converting one plug-in into another preserving the sound is yet another "new area")
Comping/take lanes and archived tracks are pending.
MIDI track properties (channel, bank, patch).
May be Sonar folders... I still have not decided, but for some projects that can be handy.
Not sure I proceed with Drum maps, so far there was no such request.
Looped audio is not properly converted when there are tempo changes (but also no explicit requests to fix).

Once/when/if all that is done, if there is still some interest, I will write some "optimizations".
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