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Default LBX SRD Smart Knobs script. Easily connect your midi controller to your plugins.

Hi All,

A collaboration between me and SRD who provided the impotus and ideas for this one.

A simple idea for making your midi controller connect to specific parameters of whatever plugin has the focus.

So you simply focus a plugin - set up whatever parameters you like to control with your external controller, hit SAVE. Now whenever you focus an instance of that plugin - the midi controller always maps to the same parameters automatically.

To set up - simply create a track called __LBX_SKCTL. Note two underscores as with my stripper script.

Just like the Stripper script - simply add a LBX-Faderbox to this track. Assign your midi controller controls to the faderbox F1-32 parameters.

Then start the smart knobs script.

Then set up any and all plugins how you want them within the script - setting parameters to faders - hitting SAVE for each plugin when you're happy.

The 'L' button activates Learn mode. Simply click the controls in the plugin GUI in the order you want them in the list. I've noticed that it might not work until you have at least one param added - so I need to look into that.

Clicking on the plugin name activates Latch mode for the track the plugin is on.

Clicking REC button sets up the parameters for recording automation.
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