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Here's the current collection of ideas and feature requests for future updates:

  • Option to save a copy of a selected project with incremented number (e.g.: click on "MySongMix version 5" and have it opened as "MySongMix version 6").
  • Add a "Favorites" or "Bookmark" tab where projects can be added to (e.g. via a "Add to Favorites" function/button in the [Recent Projects] tab)
  • Option to show 'last modified' and 'created' timestamps
  • Option to rate projects (e.g.: 1-5 stars, ...)
  • FX Chain Lists

  • Option to sort the [Projects] list by access date
  • Add different sort options in general (e.g.: invert filter list order, sort alphabetically, etc.)

  • Theme options (option to customize colors and font size)

Feel free to post any additional ideas or feature wishes. I'll update the list and see what's doable

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