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Default Cannot import webm audio only file into REAPER

I'm running REAPER 5.941 64 bit in Yosemite 10.10.5

I've got an audio-only .webm file that was pulled from a YouTube video via an online converter. When I try to drop it on a track in REAPER, it won't even bring it into the project. It just bounces back to the Media Explorer or the Finder. I get an error from REAPER that it failed to import 1 of 1 items. If I go to the
"Insert" menu and select "Media File…', it will insert the item but show it as offline and not play it.

I can open the file with VLC or with 5KPlayer and it plays fine.

My video decoder priority is set as : vlc avfoundation ffmpeg qt

Here's where it gets weird. When I try to drag it in from the Finder or Media Explorer, the error I that shows up in the system error log is that the Flavours2Helper (an app I use to make the OS look slightly less ugly and more like it used to look) should be a 64 bit process. I've never had any issue dragging and dropping any other type of file. Just the .webm file.

So, I can live with using the drop down menu to insert a .webm file, but shouldn't REAPER be able to read it? The documentation says it's supported.

I'm thinking it may be that REAPER is not using the WebM codec in VLC because it's not a video file. Is there a way to get REAPER to use the WebM codec to parse an audio file? I've looked through all 301 of the lib*_plugin.dylib files in the plugins folder inside the package and can't find which one it's using to decode .webm files. A look inside 5KPlayer doesn't show any plugins, just a VLCKit.framework file that I'm assuming lets it access the VLC plugins.

Can anyone shed any light on this?
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