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Hey s wave! Think I.. have "levitated" away from the Desktop Enviroment topic then for sure sort of an combination and that is why I mentioned before, "hijacked the thread" and I am more (now) into what sort of Distrobution I would need that would work out without it braking or me braking it and the available software/repo of ways getting stuff comfortably.

If going for KDE/Plasma, the preinstalled and available software is little different from GTK2/3 and the software might or might not be ready or be my cup of coffee or, break.
The GTK stuff have been around for a long time and most likely won't break, but KDE is getting there and I must trial to make sure.
I predict.. I will land on Manjaro KDE.. but how reliable is that me saying that, atm, we will see.
Maby Kubuntu then, Neon?.. see.. I am an unstable pre-SmajjL

I have not even got to the part of trying native Linux audio stuff, not even Ardour or the what ever samplers that exist or other stuff I could use with ->REAPER, looking forward to that hoping for some.. wooot!
And yeah, also, what ever Distrowatch have as nr1..2..3..4.. does not make me decide, it helps though to read what people say and the why's but I will chose what ever I feel most comphy with of course.

Bitwig is also about to be added to my EDM life though and I will never leave REAPER! (never say never) yes watch me, nevah!!

You seem to have been through alot with Linux already and more experienced than me, thanks for correcting me also.
Yeah and the ride is not finished yet! I insist!

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