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Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
I doubt very much that would work, especially with longer recordings...
It would be 'hit and miss' at the very best and a lot of work later on.

Currently, and maybe ever, it is not really an issue a single L20 will cover 99.9% of jobs I am likely to get around here. Worst comes to worst and there are bands with multiple keyboards for example, just have a separate mixer and mix them to a stereo pair into the L20 to save tying up a stack of channels on the L20 for example.

The guy I am doing the first project for was actually the first muso I worked for, so he is getting it on the (very) cheap, bit of a thank-you on my part to him. He gave me the entry into the live sound world and I got to use gear I could never afford at the time, and got to go to a lot of different places when he did his mini-tours.
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