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Default Procrastinators Anonymous

Hi, my name is Poofox and I'm a procrastinator...

I know I'm far from the only one who has trouble finishing things and I think part of the reason for it is that writing solo, I'm not accountable to anyone else to ever even finish my tracks.

Anyways, the premise here is that anyone who wants to face their fear of finishing declares their intent to be done with a musical track or project by a certain date. Why not post WIP here and maybe get some feedback along the way?

But what's done is done.
Start any day.
Is it today?
Maybe tomorrow?


1. Declare your intent to finish a song & set a date...
2. Link your finished track by your deadline...
3. It can be something new or something in progress; one song or a comprehensive box set of your life's work...
4. But you must complete it or else! Shame! Shame! Shame...

Who's in?
Myyy Wyyyrd Music

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