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Originally Posted by brummbear View Post
Your MIDI settings should not be the problem. Maybe something trivial? Did you set track input to the M32 MIDI, Monitor Input?
I seem to have had a little bit more success. When I enabled my M32 on a track, I was able to record some notes, but still got no sound while playing live (until I saved the audio file and played it back).

Is it possible to get a KK controller to work within Reaper, or can it only be done while recording to a track? Is this a limitation with the M32 in Reaper?

Edit/update: I installed the DrivenByMoss 4 Reaper extension and I get the exact same functionality as I do from the ReaKontrol extension. The transport controls work, the knobs work, and I can record to a track with no sound, but the keyboard itself still does not work within Reaper itself.

Edit/update #2: I turned on "Record monitoring" for the track, and I can now hear what I'm playing while recording to a track. So I'm like 75% there...

Edit/update #3: With "Record monitoring" turned on and the track armed for recording, I can now play and hear the instrument on that track even while not recording. I think that does it!

Edit/update #4: A bit of advice: Download and install the ASIO driver to remove/reduce latency.

Consider this case solved, I'm happy with how it works in Reaper now. Thank you for everything!

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