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Originally Posted by 404NotFound View Post
Thanks for your efforts! Unfortunately you have chosen the wrong export format, this is a .cwb file (which is basically a Wave file so it wouldn't be too hard to build an extension for opening it correctly in Reaper). is a valid OMF2 file. Since it came out of SONAR it was originally a .cwb file which is one of it's own proprietary file formats for savings projects created in SONAR. Like in any DAW, once you do your first save it is going to convert into it's own file format. But, once converted to a OMF file, any OMF compatible host should be able to open it. SONAR is able to open OMF files and it had no problem opening it.

In case you want to upload a large file again, could you choose one that crashes Reaper? That would really help!
Okay, I am in the process of uploading another OMF2 file. It is about 524MB unarchived. This file does not overtly crash REAPER like the previous one, but it does put it into a "Not Responding" state while it attempts to load the OMF2 file, but the file never loads. Watching the Windows Task Manager I notice the memory usage goes through the roof. From 200MB to 1.83GB in a matter of seconds once I try to open the file and stays that way until I close the reaper.exe.

EDIT: BTW, this OMF file that I am uploading to get around having it come from a previously saved SONAR project (.cwp or .cwb project file) I simply imported the wave files into SONAR and without ever saving the project exported to an OMF2. In the real world I don't see things being done this way as normally you would be working and saving projects (in your native DAW format) and then saving the project to an OMF to share with someone else or take to another DAW.


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PS: the OMF test file is about 22% uploaded. I will edit this post with the download link once it is finished.

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