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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Re: east coast accents, this one is my favorite:

(I enjoyed the REAPER intro video, too

Originally Posted by PeterMalick View Post
I think that any serious Pro Tools user has got to be frustrated, at best. Personally, I see a slow, painful, death spiral for AVID. Their business is built on a model that has changed significantly. It's no longer viable, and I don't think they're going to be able to adjust. It's not acceptable for us to have to wait 6 months for a serious bug to be fixed.

This tutorial series is a pretty bold statement, I'd say. You obviously have been spending lots of time with Reaper. Looks like the future, to me.
I'd say this has more to do with what Reaper is doing right and less to do with what Pro Tools is doing wrong.

Originally Posted by HIO View Post
Yes, it is even more of a bargain with his fast and high speed delivery of information especially if English is your first language because he packs a lot into each of his tutorial videos. Just watch the vids several times while pausing and replay to catch what he is saying if it is flying past you. Have Reaper open and practice what he preaches while watching.

Not only am I learning a bunch of stuff I had no clue was hidden inside Reaper but I am even picking up on his Lawn Guyland accent. It might help me out when I visit back East sometime when ordering food or something. You know like getting a bigger piece of pie because the staff thinks you are from the neighborhood. Heck, one can learn Reaper, English, a new dialect and an accent all at the same time. ;-)
Too funny.

This should be written on the box.
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