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Audio/MIDI Setup:

1.: "I have a delay when I hit a key on my keyboard or when listening to my guitar on headphones."

[Windows (all versions)]:

You are probably using your onboard sound card. It doesn't come with "low latency" (latency=delay) ASIO drivers to make audio processing as fast as possible. Many consumer sound cards and onboard chips run with ASIO4ALL, download it here:

After installing it, open REAPER and go Options->Preferences->Audio->Device to select 1. ASIO as your audio system and 2. ASIO4ALL as the ASIO driver:

Next you need to click the little ASIO4ALL system tray icon...

...and set the "ASIO Buffer size" to a value your system can handle, try 512 first and then reduce that until you get crackling noises etc., then go back a notch or two. Most systems can get 256-512 samples without artifacts, so try that as a starting point

If you are using a dedicated audio interface, you need to select the "native" ASIO driver of your interface instead.

[Windows (Vista and higher)]:

On Vista and Windows 7 you have also the option to use WASAPI instead of the ASIO driver model to achieve low latency.


OSX allows for low latency with its onboard ("default system device") sound chip without extra drivers. Just go Options->Preferences->Audio->Device in REAPER and request a "Block Size" if you experience latency:

To be continued occasionally...
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