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Hi Zlornik,

this is a bit tricky and not as obvious as one thinks.

You need a dedicated video processor to achieve your goal. You will find it in the action list. (Just filter "dedicated") This will create a video processor item which then can be dropped over your image item. (Maybe it only needs placed on the same track, so free item positioning could be allowed too. -> Just checked it! Works!)

Double clicking the dedicated video processor allows to choose presets which then only work on the track. Here is a short video of how to do it. I put a chroma key preset on the track and a opacity, zoom, pan preset per dedicated video processor over the image item.!X3p3ySwL!Ey_vKu9ci...vf1aOpAFpOHIOk

I personally think there should be an easier way to do this. wwwmaze and I were discussing this some month ago. Maybe a specific video folder could be the solution. A folder which creates a separate video stream with all inside and a those folder then build a true stack of videos. I don't know.

Hope, that helps a bit.

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