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If you find such inconsistencies don't be to shy to post them here in a specific thread. In my opinion its a big problem that the whole video part of Reaper lives in the shadows. Jon from Reaper blog is actually the only person who spreads the message. But if you take a look back in time: Just 6 months ago there were no separate video forum, playback optimizations, audio driven video presets or any other requested presets like blur, kaleidoscope, alpha blend etc. So there is already a lot going on in comparison to the many years of unanswered requests. That's why we have to put inconsistencies in relation. Patience is needed.

There is also a big movement against anything video depending in Reaper which shows up in this forum. So in Germany we say: "Es ist weder Fisch noch Fleisch" Its whether fish nor meat. And it means you can't get grip on something which isn't really defined. Reaper acts like a DAW. But in my opinion it actually is more of an Amazing Audio/Media Tool Box. How much focus the video section gets in the future also depends on how many people discuss and request video things.
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