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Default Error initializing ASIO driver


Suddenly hit a really annoying problem, whereby when I open REAPER I'm just being met with an "Error opening devices" message saying: "There was an error opening the audio hardware: Error initializing ASIO driver."

Thing is nothing has changed! There was a windows update that came through almost a week ago, but after that installed I used REAPER for several days without any problems. The other day, though, this started happening. If I change the Audio System to something else then it will work, but in the past I've found it to have more latency issues, so I've preferred to stick to ASIO.

I've tried updating the driver(s) to my audio interface (Roland Quad-Capture), but that comes back saying it's running the latest. I've checked the Roland website and found I am. I wasn't running the latest version of REAPER, so downloaded that but still getting it.

While Googling I saw something about going to the computer's Device Manager and locating Universal ASIO Driver, then making sure that's up to date; but I can't find that anywhere in my Device Manager.

Other than that I feel I've exhausted all options, so any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!
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