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Thank you Karbomusic! Now the non-transport buttons on my Faderport actually do something in Reaper!

I did have a little bit of trouble at first, but I found that deleting (or removing from the "Plugins" folder) the file called "reaper_csurf.dll" made everything work as described. Cbourner seemed to have the same experience.

In other words, if you are still seeing "Faderport" along with the newly added "FaderportXT" in your Control Surfaces section of your preferences, then you most likely need to remove the aforementioned file to get things to work.

FWIW, I'm running Windows 7 32bit. Also, the files that I downloaded were dated "11/9/2011".

One more detail- the Faderport drivers I had installed were ver. 1.33 (?).

Thanks again-- and I hope that this post will give some help to anyone who may need it.
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