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some of my fixes... (on ubuntu linux v1404 via wine and pulseaudio, but some settings might help you too).... Ok i set media buffering to 0 for off and this helped reduce a lot of stuttering. At 2 and 4 times the default value it was good to, but only temporarily. I dont have a slow hard drive but i am using ext4fs which is journaled. But so is ntfs anyways... I set the master meter rms window to it's highest and slowest setting--less screen activity. Also disabled unneeded vst meters. Also to prevent lockups i disabled anticipative fx processing for rendering. I gave up on windows 7... It was too buggy for me. It's almost as bad as vista so u might as well look up vista tweeks and optimizations too. Best stability i ever had was on windows xp sp2 home oem 32-bit. But ubuntu is useable for me. Also, dont use any graphics card that steals system ram. A good 8MB pci card for 10 bucks can be better. Theres lots more tips but cant list them all so... Http://
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