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Originally Posted by Commala View Post
Hmm, can you send me a pic of that?
The screenshot I shared already here is the one. And in this, i simply did what I do normally, drag & drop the Zip file and it gave me this right interface look that looks nothing at all like your Screenshots you've shared above here.

Originally Posted by jekyll View Post
The only way I can make it work is to unzip the resource folder and the Reaper Theme and put them in the Theme Folder separately. Won't work as ReaperThemeZip, even when I point to the correct resource folder. Weird. Anyhow the changes you've made are really nice

Exactly what I did afterwards, I Unzip the theme and copied the Comala2 folder (where all the files are into my Reaper Themes and after copied the Reaper Theme. And of course as @Henge1 suggested to do in order for the Theme to be applied using the Default COmala2 proper files, it worked but not fully. The Pan knobs don't look the same at all like your original screenshots etc..

Have a look here:

Normally I always simply Drag & drop the .Zip theme and voila. And normally when you go and un-Zip the theme and coopy the folder where all the files of the Theme are, it should ping that folder and use ALL the PNG files required to make the Theme look exactly as you created it including icons Menu etc... But not the case here.

Also I should mention that maybe Reaper Dev should look into WHY when you drag & drop a new Zip Theme, why REAPER didn't (do sometimes and sometimes NOT) USE the IMAGE RESOURCE automatically when that option is CHECKED???

Hope will find the solution sooon ;-)

Thanks again for sharing these great themes

Good day to ALL
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