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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
midi one too. very very powerful for fast work!
Yup, that was the idea to go with my new Logitech G602 mouse (I know you don't use mouse, but others may like the idea )

I have programed these 6 buttons on the side as follows:
2 for contextual toolbars (one primary, one secondary)
2 for these play actions to preview things while editing (whole project and active track only)
2 for undo/redo (I do that a lot when editing MIDI, lol)

Feels really smooth once you get used to position of all the buttons (and invest time to set up MIDI toolbars, lol)

Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
I like how if you start it whilst the mouse is just before the item it will actually allow all items on that track to play as known were selected. don't change that!
Do you mean if mouse is over item edge or simply not over any item?

In case you mean mouse is over item edge - I would maybe consider this a bug (because mouse doesn't have to be over item, but very close to it's edge so REAPER changes mouse cursor (to make it easier to grab item edge) - but I still haven't fixed mouse detection code to take item edges into account so that's why it's like that)

In case you mean mouse is simply not over any item - that's by design.

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