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Originally Posted by airon View Post
The actions :
SWS: Toggle zoom to selected items or time selection*
are not usable in sessions that includes more than just a bit of automation by all appearances.

They take an ungodly amount of time to zoom back out. I've had to switch to the zoom tool of the extension, using CTRL+middle mouse button in this case. The simple edit focus type of action toggle is screwed.

But at least the extension works in pre17 . Thanks for that fix.
Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
Can't reproduce Just tried with a session that has over 80 000 envelope points and the things was instantaneous (my PC is over 4 years old)
Please share OS info, example project (together with repro steps) and your REAPER.ini
Nailed it - the problem with reproducing this was not a high point count but high envelope count (your example project had almost 3000 envelopes!!!! - how do you manage that much envelopes!? )!

It seems like a bug with GetSetObjectState()...I can fix it on our side, but this should definitely get handled by Cockos

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