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believe me it makes sense hence why omnisphere, kontakt, ableton do it...
If you have an arpeggiator set to "trigger" and your not dead on then it will fall off the beat. If you latch it to say the next quarter note or eighth note then you press early and it will latch on to the incoming beat and start with dead computer like accuracy to the temp. Some people want this.

Hell mobius VST does this.

Another example. You have wav drum loops and you are playing live and want to trigger it exactly on time to tempo. Simply latch it to the next 1/4 or bar in this example and tap the pad or whatever you have your midi set to trigger the loop... measure finishes on to next bar and snap drum loop triggers exactly on time.

Please this does make sense, those people who perform live will understand why this is necessary this is not a deabte of why this feature is good or not. It makes sense trust me.

How do you do it in reaper? You can do it in other programs and the level of scripting available in reaper makes it seem like a no brainer...
why hasn't anyone made this easy to do?
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