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OK guys thanks for the replies. Honestly, I want this to be a heated discussion because in my opinion it seems like a very simple feature to implement or to get a legit SWS script for it. It would be pretty awesome to get this pushed to a full fledged feature or update in the daw. I think there would be a HUGE response back for the electronic producers out there. Im sure it would actually sell a few more licenses for that one feature alone.

I made sure to put examples of other software that can do this so that I could be clear of what I am looking for in case my written spec doesn't read well.

Omnisphere 2 latch feature...set it to next beat then hit a note... see what happens?

Kontakt load up a loop in a library and run the performance script "input quantize" then hit a note...see what happens?

And I am talking about PERFORMANCE input quantize. NOT recording input quantize!!

And PLEASE if your response is going to be.. that doesnt make any sense.. or midi cant read into the future or reaper already has an input quantize... then you need not apply and you don't get it. Your post will be irrelevant and a waste of both our time.

I know this reply is coming off as dickish but I feel it has to be. I too am SO frustrated in every forum post (this isnt the only one) on this topic its always the same response from people who do not get it.

Yet it seems to be such a simple and basic scripting deal.
and if its not... if its a big cluster of code to get that to work.. I'll take those lumps. But from what I understand it isnt and it would be HUGE for performers like me.

Sorry had to rant there. I mean no ill will. I'm just human and frustrated.
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