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Originally Posted by viscofisy View Post
And there are always users astonished at the lack of "X" vital feature.

In fact I had been just there some time ago. My request was that Reaper should switch track mutes and Plugin parameters on Program Change Midi messages sent from my master keyboard.

Originally Posted by viscofisy View Post
With that in mind, maybe it's unrealistic to expect certain more specifically "live" functions as standard in any DAW.
Obviously, additionally the terminology users speak, differs widely. For me, "live" playing as nothing to do whatsoever with what Abelton provides. It's just using VSTi's like "real" Keyboard or Wind instruments.

Of course a DAW is not "natively" intended to be able to do such stuff.

I needed several weeks of discussion in these forums until I found out that Reaper in fact can do it (including using Program change appropriately) perfectly with the help of some appropriate plugins, available for free just around the corner.

So I am extremely happy with Reaper, and to show this I wrote a documentation on how to do this for those who might be interested.

Originally Posted by viscofisy View Post
I've no technical knowledge on this whatsoever, but I noticed online that arduinos can sync to midi, and that they can also send midi messages, so I contacted a professor of music technology who does related work and he was sure it could be done....but the price for his time was too much for me.
(Even though I would be able to build such a thingy...) In fact I don't think that it makes sense to built hardware for this. There are several midi food pedals available, that can be used for such purpose, just sending any useful trigger signal into Reaper.

Now Reaper can host a plugin (VST or JSFX-script) that receives the signal from the food pedal (and the midi and/or audio stream to work on). What function exactly to you want to see ? Maybe it's rather easy to do..


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