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(Even though I would be able to build such a thingy...) In fact I don't think that it makes sense to built hardware for this. There are several midi food pedals available, that can be used for such purpose, just sending any useful trigger signal into Reaper.
Not to sync with a DAW and send configurable beat-based "start" or "start then stop after X Bars" messages there aren't (not 2 years ago, and likely not now).

Now Reaper can host a plugin (VST or JSFX-script) that receives the signal from the food pedal (and the midi and/or audio stream to work on). What function exactly to you want to see ? Maybe it's rather easy to do..

The function mentioned by the OP is to start a midi synth VST on the first beat of the next bar.. ...or, similarly, to start on the next beat or whatever.

The arduino I was talking about was to do the same send a message to start recording on next Bar, then another message to end recording after X Bars (multiples of 1 Bar....2Bars....4Bars....whichever is chosen).

The idea being that you could have a midi pedal with footswitches for "1 Bar loop"....or 2 Bar loop.....etc (and/or X2 and 2 switches) so that the whole upcoming loop-record process could be executed by one press anytime inside of the previous bar.

My idea wasn't for Reaper - it was for Ableton, as it's useful for looping to trigger and set the length of a loop ahead of time, and without having to interrupt your playing to send an "end loop" message.

As I said, it's still not implemented in Ableton (afaik) partly because playing live and looping on "real" instruments didn't enter their mind. You can do this in midi clips in Ableton, but not audio clips.

I emailed Bitwig in the months before their public Beta to ask if this feature was planned - I've seen many people ask over the years for it in Ableton.

Bitwig were good enough to send a detailed reply (on that and other features) - but unfortunately saying that it wouldn't be any time soon. So obviously audio loops that aren't pre-made didn't enter their thinking on "live" playing in a loop-based environment either.

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