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Thanks for the info. Reaper is awesome with or without this feature. It's ability to be 3rd party scripted and manipulated is one of its best aspects and the reason why I am asking for this feature.

Maybe realistically I was hoping for some programmed 3rd party stuff.

In kontakt its a script.
INcoming note-->delay playback--->1/4, 1/2, 1/1 ,(follow midi clock temp) until release.
The kontakt script is actually pretty lean.

In omnisphere its a little drop down menu. Makes it so much better to play against a running drum beat with the arpeggiator.

I thought maybe someone out there had this under their belt. Unfortunately the beatsync crashed and I cannot find midiquantize.dll anywhere

Maybe SWS will get something going for this. Or maybe someone does know of a VST that does this. I read somewhere that Bidule might be able to achieve this but I don't want to install the demo unless I know that feature is really there.
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