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Originally Posted by Nystagmus View Post
I didn't read all the replies, but this isn't called input quantizing, it's called "clip launching" and it's a performance mode recently offered in FL Studio and Ableton Live and programs like that. Reaper is an editing and composing DAW more than a live performance DAW, and the feature wasn't available in most conventional DAWs until Live showed up anyhow. I wouldn't expect it to show up anytime soon but if you really want it, instead of complaining where it will never be heard, at it to the actual Feature Request subforum on this site, not in this General Discussion area.

Then why is it called input quantize in kontakt?

And launching a clip is not always the desired scenario. Sometimes you want to have an arpeggiator trigger dead on to the beat. Ever had an arpeggiator be slightly off and it sounds like a flam against the down beat?

Anyway, i posted this here to see if anyone had any suggestions how to do this. Im a rookie at Reaper but a veteran using daws. Thought someone might know something i didnt on this topic.

I'll post as a feature request anyway.
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