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Originally Posted by ynohtna View Post
What do you mean by having dragged fft.c into the Project Headers section?

fft.c needs to be compiled in your project for the code of its functions & methods to be available when linking. It should not be treated like a header (for inclusion) like fft.h, but added directly to the project alongside your own .c/.cpp source files in the Project navigator.

(I hope this makes sense!)
Ahhhhhh, I have it now! :-D

I had misunderstood Youlean asking if I'd included fft.c as well, and as dragging that file into the headers section made my project compile successfully, I thought I was nearly there. Everything's compiling and running smoothly on both OSX and Windows now!

I might knock up a quick infographic in a bit to help other people who may get stuck.

Originally Posted by Youlean View Post
Sorry, I don't know what should you do...
No probs, it's sorted now, thanks for your help!
Just a couple of other puzzles to go, then I can start experimenting properly with the GUI resizing :-)
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