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Originally Posted by Phroneris View Post
Hello. I'm posting on REAPER forum for the first time... (getting nervous)

I make a Japanese LangPack and research how it's used.
Major matters for beginners seem that they meet an "Error installing language pack!" alert, and I find that it sometimes result from the above subject matter.
An username of PC can have multibyte characters because he/she is a Japanese, then the resource path becomes multibyted like "C:\Users\花子\AppData\Roaming\REAPER" and it causes errors.
This issue also occurs in portable installation mode. If the portable path has multibyte characters (e.g. "H:\リーパー"), the same error appears when d&d a LangPack file to apply.
I'm happy as a Japanese REAPER user if it's fixed.

Then, is this an "issue with localizing" to post here?
Thanks! we will improve support for installing to paths that contain non-latin characters, as well as for AppData paths with such characters.

This will come in 5.51pre1, hopefully sometime in September!


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