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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Maybe we need to just update the templates, then you can list which strings aren't working?
Yes, some strings, however work when using the hashcode tool, others don't. So an update could help.

Still a big problem remains: We (the ones who translate) always have to search for strings that don't translate and with each new version we have to go through the whole thing, because it sometimes happens that strings, translated in earlier versions won't translate in newer ones anymore.
It would be nice if we could at least rely on our work we've already done.

And what about the alignment thingy?

Originally Posted by Justin View Post
BTW I skimmed those posts, and for one: the description of HSV adjustment using R/G/B is correct -- the red value adjusts hue, green saturation, blue variance (since you define the theme color as RGB)...
Aah yes, that makes things clearer.
Especially the strings in this dialog (the ones with a smaller font if I recall properly) aren't present in the template.

However: Thank you for having a look!

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