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Originally Posted by Mr. Data View Post
Hi Phroneris,

welcome to the Reaper forums!
There's absolutely no reason to get nervous!
Most of the people here are very kind and willing to help whenever they can.

I really don't know whether it's a Windows or a Reaper problem, but I reckon it might be the latter, 'cos inside the language packs themselves these problems occur in other languages like German, French or Polish as well, where special characters only used in these languages appear and these are shown faulty in some cases, although installation of the langpacks is no problem in these languages.

I'd propose to emphasize this problem as often as you can, so it gets resolved at some point. But regrettably localization isn't really high on the developers' agenda at the moment, so be patient!

However: great you're here!

I'm very happy to be welcomed!
Your kind response have really removed my concern.

Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Thanks! we will improve support for installing to paths that contain non-latin characters, as well as for AppData paths with such characters.

This will come in 5.51pre1, hopefully sometime in September!


OK, I'm looking forward that new version!
It's a really nice news for us. Thanks a lot.
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