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Originally Posted by me2beats View Post
I want some scripts in my repo to be added to Media Explorer section.
Done. Stay tuned for v1.2rc1!

Originally Posted by me2beats View Post
Another idea:
Option to select script section(s). User may select sections himself. Let's say there are scripts 'Save time selection' and 'Restore time selection'. Some people would like to run this scripts from midi editor, some users - from from media explorer, others - from both midi efitor and media explorer.
What do you mean by selection? If you mean to register the same script in more than one Action List section or to bundle multiple scripts in a single package then the answer is yes, with reapack-index's @provides tag.

This registers the current file (.) in all sections:
@provides [main=main,midi_editor,midi_inlineeditor,midi_eventlisteditor,mediaexplorer] .
This registers multiple files in different sections:
  [main] script1.lua
  [main=midi_editor] script2.lua
  [main=midi_inlineeditor] script3.eel
  [main=midi_eventlisteditor] script4.lua
  [nomain] hidden.lua

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